The research will continue soon!

February 25, 2009

My LCP research will continue soon! Sorry for the big gap! I  have recently ordered 2 units of the tape original (before I had only the disk original – the “boeder” re-release on disk and the original on Activisions’ 15 C64 Action Pack) one unit comes with teh full manual included, so I can better study the LCP guys! I will post about it with pics as soon as it arrived to me!


Day 2

April 22, 2007

His name is Grant as he wrote a letter to me when I asked him to do (yes, you can interact with them, but always add a “please”). In contrast to other LCPs I had, he didn’t mention the dog but that he plans to read something new soon.

He also told me that he likes his new house and his stay in it 🙂

around 10 minutes later he went to the living room and started reading the newspaper.

He is also a good piano player, he plays fluenty and fast. (But he plays bad at Card Wars and went mad at me and sad becuase he lost most rounds)

The thing he did the most today was watching TV and playing one of his records for just 2 seconds.

(I bought him a new one which he unfortunately didn’t like either).

Day 1 – LCP moving in!

April 22, 2007

Here is the new LCP, our new pal whoms name is yet unknown:

new guy with mustache

Yes, he has got a mustache, grey hair (He got not much of it!) seems to be around 50 and he looks around the house for the first 3 minutes after moving in

After he found what he has got, he decides to bring in his clothes



Then he did a phone call, brought in a god and pplayed piano for me 🙂

He also got a dog and he did gymnastics!

gymnsics / dog

So that is why he looks so young! 🙂

Actually, we can be happy that he got a brown dog! There have been seen dogs being purple!

He also did a phone call, and last but not least he asked me “What game can we play?  – Word game, Anagrams or Poker. I am unofrrtunately too tired for that and had to leave him unsatisied, sorry!pict0110.jpg

Before the move in

April 22, 2007

Before the move in, let’s prepare the House-On-A-Disk.

For this we first erease all research data:

Erease project data
After that, we want to create a random LCP for our entertainment. Since every of them have a different personality, look and age and behaviour, this will be intersting! 🙂

new LCP


April 22, 2007

Continue of About

….So, here is the plan: Trying to find out whether it’s possible to dig behind the different things and secrets that are behind this very old AI project from Activision.

Here are some general rules:

Be oldscrool:

a) The version in use for my research is the Commdore 64 version of Little Computer People (LCP). More in detail the republished diskette version from Boeder bought last year at an online shop. The manual I read was from the 1st version of the C64 Action 15 Pack CD from Activision which I also own

b) Since I want to do the research as realistic as possible, the program will run on a C64 BE (new layout, old 6581 SID with good filters) on a real 1084 monitor.

c) Because every diskette sold had a different character (they just randomnized from a couple) and Activision have themselves no tools to reset the diskette and randomnize the character for me (I asked them), I will use a set of tools I found on the internet to reset the diskette and character.

d) Screenshots will be taken with my digicam

e) LCP is not year 2000 compatible, so we will play in year 1997 instead.